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Savoir Savon

Savoir Savon Apothicaire is a locally owned unique bath, beauty and body concept employing artisanal techniques to create a collection of natural, non-toxic products for him, her, baby and the home.

After raising three daughters who suffered from eczema and nickel allergies, when my husband and I discovered that we were pregnant with our fourth daughter, we decided to use only the most natural baby care products. We quickly realized that most mainstream skin and bath products aim to be either natural or expensively luxurious. This realization prodded us to begin researching and creating our own baby care products. Soon, we were developing products for the whole family.

At Savoir Savon, we believe even decadent, yet affordable, luxury can be achieved while still being mindful of each ingredients nature and origin. Taking care to blend the highest quality ingredients, our early products blossomed into our two main lines of Pure & Pampered and Lush & Lavish.

Pure & Pampered embodies simple, healthy luxury from body butters to exotic facial elixirs and is crafted from only natural, consciously sourced oils. Colors are created synergistically with the oils natural colors, herbal infusions, and sparing use of colorful botanicals. Scents are crafted from careful blending of the highest quality essential oils, with properties and strengths chosen to enhance each products purpose. 

Lush & Lavish is based on the same ideals as Pure & Pampered but allows the mindful use of high quality fragrance oils to craft a truly decadent personal care experience.


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317 E. Main Street
Norman, OK 73069

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