Frequently Asked Questions - Central Oklahoma Frontier Country

Frequently Asked Questions


OCTOBER 21, 2017

What is the Oklahoma Wine Walk & Brew Fest?
  • The Oklahoma Wine Walk & Brew Fest was created in 2013 as the Oklahoma Wine Walk to showcase the great wineries that Oklahoma has to offer. In 2016, we added Oklahoma breweries to the mix as well. Today the event features around 14 wineries and 6 breweries. The event is free to the public if you are not tasting. Tasting packages start at $25.
Where do I purchase tickets?
  • Tickets are available at Sept. 1 - Oct. 20. Online ticket sales shut down at 5:00 p.m. on Oct. 20. Tickets will be available for purchase at the event entrance on Saturday, Oct. 21, but at an additional $5 increase.
Why order a ticket in advance?
  • Pre-sale tickets are only $25 for Regular Entry & $50 for VIP Entry, while tickets purchased on October 21, at the event increase $5. VIP ticket sales are limited and may not be available at the door. 
What is the process for receiving tickets after I purchase?
  • After you purchase your tickets, you should receive a paypal receipt to the email that you provided. We, Frontier Country Marketing Association, will also receive a notice of your purchase and we will add you to our guest list. You will not receive tickets prior to the event, instead you will go to the "pre-purchase" tent at the entrance of the event where your name will be on the list. Please bring your paypal receipt for confirmation of purchase.
Where can I buy presale tickets with cash or check?
  • The only place you can purchase your pre-sale tickets is online at or contact us at [email protected] 
Are tickets refundable?
  • All tickets are non-refundable. The event takes place rain or shine. 
How do I stay informed about the Wine Walk details?
What is the Wine Warehouse and where is it?
  • Rather than carry purchased wine while you enjoy the event, you may buy a voucher for the wine of your choice from a winery, then redeem the voucher for that wine at the Wine Warehouse. The Warehouse is located at the north end of the festival, next to Le Visage Day Spa.
Where is the lost and found?
  • At the Wine Warehouse. 
Where is First-Aid?
  • At the Wine Warehouse.
Can I bring my own water?
  • YES! We want everyone to stay hydrated. Bringing a water bottle is a great idea.
Would my family or friends still enjoy this event if they do not drink wine or beer?
  • Yes! Music, food trucks and shopping are available to everyone! The event is free to the public if you are not drinking.
Are children allowed?
  • Yes. While this is a grown-up event, live music and food trucks can keep children entertained. However, as always, be mindful of your children.
Are pets allowed?
  • Even though this is an outside event, it's usually hot and there are crowds. It is not the ideal place for a dog. However, service animals are always welcome.
Is there security present at the event?
  • Yes. We have a private security firm on-site throughout the event.
Where is the closest ATM?
  • At Chase Bank located on the north end of the festival parking lot.