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U.S. Rotax Grand National Calls Norman Home for 2009 Race

Posted by Lauren Lorenzen, public relations manager on 08/12/2009


U.S. Rotax Grand National Calls Norman Home for 2009 Race


NORMAN, OKLA. – The 2009 Rotax Grand National will be held Sept. 15-19 at the Oklahoma Motor Sports Complex, 3501 S. Interstate Drive in Norman.

            Unofficial practice on the 7/10ths-of-a-mile track that boasts 13 turns starts Saturday, Sept. 12 and the first qualifying and heat race starts Thursday, Sept. 17 with the finals Saturday, Sept. 19.

            Patrons can enjoy food from Sooner Legends Inn & Suites and admission to the event is free each day.

            “Sooner Legends is extremely excited to have the opportunity to be the host hotel for the 2009 Rotax Grand National,” said Jamie Eason of Sooner Legends Inn & Suites. “This event will be a great chance to showcase Norman and all of the wonderful amenities this town has to offer. The Rotax Grand National will give the residents of Norman a chance to see where their favorite professional racers got their start, and a chance to meet some of the future big names in racing.”

            Rotax Max is the fastest growing kart racing class in the world and is organized by local distributors as a national competition in more than 100 countries.

            Competitors as young as seven-years-old drive karts that can exceed 100 m.p.h. on the short sprint course. Classes range from the Micro-Max competitors, ages seven to 10, to the Masters-Max group for those age 32 and over and include all ages in between.

            The Rotax series is based around the Rotax kart engine. Five of the six classes of competitors use the same Rotax FR-125cc engine with no modifications. Other kart specs such as tires and chassis are also regulated. Therefore, the race is a true test of driver skill and a return to the art of racing.

            The 2009 U.S. Rotax Grand National race marks the tenth year of the culmination of a national performance kart racing series that draws approximately 250 national competitors to compete for a championship title in one of six age-grouped classes.

            Winners of the top three classes in Norman will travel to Egypt in December to compete at the Rotax Max World Finals against similar winners from 60 countries.

             For more information visit www.rmaxchallenge.com.





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