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Mysteries of the Mayan Medallion

December 1st, 2016 All Day - January 8th, 2017

Through January 8  Mysteries of the Mayan Medallion

Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, Norman

Info: In this immersive exhibit, visitors are transported to Palenque, Mexico, where an archaeological team has mysteriously disappeared from a dig site while investigating rumors of a priceless jade medallion. They will follow the clues the team left behind to locate the precious medallion while avoiding the dangers lurking in the ruins. The exhibit includes archaeology, biology and astro-mathematic field stations, an observatory and a tomb area that yield clues to the medallion’s whereabouts. At these field stations and assorted sites, visitors must translate glyphs, discover which rainforest animals are poisonous, learn how the Maya recorded dates, take rubbings from a sarcophagus and interpret a battle mural to solve the mystery. Kids will love the hands-on components of this exhibit, but any museum visitor is likely to learn a great deal from it and possibly ignite a greater curiosity for archaeology and history. The Arkansas Discovery Network, a group of seven museums and educational centers that focuses on creating interactive museum experiences, developed the traveling exhibit in 2006.

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